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  • How do I download my files?
    INSTANT DOWNLOAD All non-editable files are available as soon as your purchase has been processed by Etsy. You can download files directly from your Etsy account. Click on your account icon at the top of the page, select "purchases and reviews" from the drop-down menu. From there you can find your DabbleRoutines purchase and choose to download files. EDITABLE All editable files can be accessed through, an online editing program. You can access your files by logging in to with your Etsy order number. If you would like to make any changes to the files, you can change the text as well as duplicate and delete cards. After making changes, you can save then download. If you don't need to make any changes, you can just save the files and download.
  • Order not found on Corjl
    It can sometimes take a few minutes for your order to transfer over from Etsy to Corjl. If you get an "order not found" message when trying to login to Corjl for the first time, wait ten minutes then try again.
  • How do I edit my files on corjl?
    There are editing instructions included with your instant download files (see downloading instructions above). My shop includes two types of routine sets: CARDS PRINT DIRECTLY ON CHART When editing, you can select any routine card image, then select the button "replace image" from the menu on the right side of the page. A pop-up box (make sure to allow pop-ups on your browser) will then appear with all the routine card options for that set. Select the card you want and then change the text to match the image. When you're routine needs a change, you can return to Corjl to edit and download as many times as you need. CARDS AND CHART PRINT SEPARATELY All of my mix-and-match sets are formatted to print the cards and charts separately. The text is still editable on Corjl. I recommend laminating and then attaching the cards to the charts with adhesive velcro dots. This method allows you to easily move around cards and re-arrange your routine as often as you need.
  • How do I get the colors to print well?
    From printer to printer there is a large range in print quality. If you are taking your item to a professional print shop, first ask which of their printers produces the most accurate colors. If you are printing many pages, you can ask for a sample print of the first page before printing them all. Try to print the charts and cards on the same type of paper and on the same printer so they match.
  • What type of paper should I use when printing?
    As long as you laminate, the type and thickness of paper don't matter too much. I prefer how colors turn out on matte cardstock.
  • Where should I print my files?
    For printing and laminating, I recommend using a small, locally-run copy shop rather than a large chain. Smaller shops tend to give better customer service and charge less. Prices for laminating can vary hugely from place to place, so call ahead and ask their laminating prices. You can also give them a heads-up that you're coming in case they need to heat up their laminator. The most affordable places I've found are copy shops located on college campuses. You can also find very cheap laminating at many teacher supply stores.
  • Do you design custom routine cards or charts?
    While I no longer design completely custom routine cards and charts, I am always happy to make simple changes to make a product work better for your child. If you have a suggestion for a routine card that you think other customers could use as well, please let me know and I'll do my best to add it to my listings.
  • Do you take new product requests?
    Absolutely! I LOVE customer requests. Just send me a message through Etsy. I wish I could make all the items my customers think of, but unfortunately my time is limited. I'll do my best to add requested items.
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